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Welcome to the Dougherty Mediation Group Mediation Blog!

Welcome to the website and mediation blog for Dougherty Mediation Group! We’re a leading provider of mediation and alternative dispute resolution on Long Island, New York. Read more about us.

Stay tuned to this blog for useful information on the legal issues that most pertain to you. Here, we’ll spend time informing you of how traditional litigation and mediation compare when it comes to divorce and family law cases. We’ll also provide reactions and insight into major mediation examples in the news and public spotlight.

About the Author

Maureen Dougherty, Esq.

Maureen Dougherty, Founder

Maureen is the founder of Dougherty Mediation Group and a partner at Comerford & Dougherty, LLP in Garden City, NY. In 2009, she began incorporating mediation and the collaborative process in her law practice. She went on to establish Dougherty Mediation Group in 2011 as a constructive alternative to litigation. She passionately believes that mediation is a far more equitable and productive process for dispute resolution.

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We've created a 'Divorce Mediation Guide,' available as a free PDF. Download it today for access to important articles and tools that will help to guide you through the divorce process.


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