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Category: Divorce Mediation

When is Divorce Litigation a Better Choice Than Divorce Mediation?

As both a divorce attorney and mediator, I believe that divorce mediation is best-suited for the majority of the divorce cases that come across my desk. With that said, there are instances when divorce litigation is the more useful tool in the resolution of a divorce. In my previous post on the subject of divorce mediation, I described times when divorce mediation was the better option– here are a few examples when it is not.


Divorce Litigation or Divorce Mediation: Which One is Right for Me?

In my law practice at Comerford & Dougherty, LLP, I meet with many clients who are facing the prospect of a divorce. Some come to me already having heard something about “divorce mediation” as an alternative to a traditional litigation. The number one question they ask is, is divorce mediation a better choice than litigation for me? If this sounds like a scenario you yourself might be facing, consider the following. There are three main variables that factor in to the divorce process when comparing the options: party control, time, and money. In this post, we’ll be exploring each in…