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Welcome to the home of Dougherty Mediation Group! We're a leading provider of mediation and alternative dispute resolution in Long Island, New York.

Mediation is

a voluntary form of alternate dispute resolution that actively involves the participation of its parties. While litigation can be onerous and protracted, mediation can help disputed parties resolve their conflict over several one-hour sessions.

A mediator is a trained, impartial professional whose job is not to judge, but instead to help the parties understand and articulate their conflict together.

Ultimately, they will assist in formulating a resolution that is most beneficial to them, and achieve an amicable and lasting solution.

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Our Advantage

is hard to overstate. Mediation gives people a voice that they wouldn’t otherwise have in court. In litigation, the underlying motivations of the parties aren’t fully represented, as they’re always expressed through the filter of an attorney.

By contrast, in mediation, an individual’s direct input isn’t just important – it’s fundamental to the entire process.

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How it works

Dougherty Mediation Group
Motivated to Mediate

During the mediation process, the parties will articulate the issues they face, work through their conflict, and then determine and evaluate their options, in an effort to seek a resolution that's mutually beneficial to them.


About the Group

No matter the nature of your dispute or how long it’s been going on, Dougherty Mediation Group can help provide satisfying resolutions.

The professionals of the Dougherty Mediation Group practice mediation in the purest sense, and all have extensive experience and expertise in family, estate, and corporate law. This provides every session with an added perspective, while maintaining the integrity of the mediation process.

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Maureen Daugherty, Esq

Maureen Dougherty, Esq.

Maureen is the founder of Dougherty Mediation Group and a partner at Comerford & Dougherty, LLP in Garden City, NY. In 2009, Maureen began incorporating mediation and the collaborative process in her law practice. She went on to establish Dougherty Mediation Group in 2011 as a constructive alternative to litigation. She passionately believes that mediation is a far more equitable and productive process for dispute resolution.

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